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2018 Labor Law Update Workshop

Wed., Jan. 24,2018
Click here to see details. 

Join us for a summary of the significant labor and employment legislations taking effect in 2018 and court decisions from 2017 that affect employers.

About Us

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  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Shared Values
  • Mission Statement
Entrepreneurs receive free, professional business counseling

Entrepreneurs receive free,

professional business counseling

One Stop Employment Centers

One-Stop Employment Centers, commonly referred to as One-Stops, are designed to connect employment, education and training services into a readily available and user-friendly network of resources.  One-Stops provide job seekers with access to employment and training opportunities in their community and beyond.  The One-Stops also provide employers with a link to qualified applicants as well as various employer services to assist with human resource management.

One-Stop Employment Centers provide a single location in each community where the public can access various public and private organizations to assist with workforce preparation needs.  By co-locating core services at a single location, AFWD's collaborative partners reduce the duplication of services, operate more efficiently and ultimately provide job seekers and employers with enhanced services.

Contact Us to learn what services are available at your local One-Stop.

Each One-Stop partners with different agencies to provide services to the community.  
Just some of our many partners include:

  • The Department of Employment and Social Services
  • Regional Occupational Programs
  • Veteran Services
  • Community Colleges
  • The Employment Development Department
  • Experience Works
  • The Department of Social Services
  • The Department of Rehabilitation

Our Employees

Our employees are the source of our strength, and it is this talent, working together, which meets the needs of our customers and enhances our corporate image in the community. We value commitment, professionalism and team work. We treat each other and our customers with courtesy and respect.

Our Shared Values

Service - Our integrated workforce development and human resource services are our products. We provide high quality services, continuously improving our systems and embracing change, to meet the needs of our communities. We strive to do the right things right.

Integrity - As individuals and as a team, we do what we tell people we are going to do. We recognize that meeting performance standards, complying with contract requirements, meticulous fiscal accountability, and high professional ethics in providing services to the public are all essential to meeting our fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers, other funding providers, and ultimately our customers. Achievement of our service mission hinges upon our integrity.

Collaboration - The job seekers and business representative are full partners as we pursue together pathways to success. We seek partnerships with community organizations, encouraging teamwork, to met the needs of the customer.

Our Mission

AFWD is a regional nonprofit providing workforce development and human resource services; dedicated to enhancing the quality of life throughout our communities, by assisting businesses, organizations and job seekers with their pathways to success.