We created our extensive Resource Centers just for you.

Visit our resource centers for the information you need to run your business. From information on local and regional labor markets to safety and compliance materials, you'll find print, audio, video, and software resources to help you succeed.

Business Services

  • Hiring and Retention
  • Training
  • Workshops/Job Fairs
  • Layoff Services and Prevention

Hiring and RetentionWe are the "Go To Place" for qualified workers!


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Have a position to fill?

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Job Applicant Pool

We have a database of job-ready candidates for a variety of industries and positions.  We can post your positions on our job boards and give you immediate access to our database of job ready applicants at no cost to you.

Customized Recruitment

We offer many levels of customized recruitment to help you find and KEEP good people.  From basic application collection and screening to recruitment outreach, interview assistance and employment verification – we can help you succeed at what you do best… running your business.
HR Recruitment Services include:

  • Write an advertisement for your position
  • Post job positions on our exclusive “Hot Jobs” board
  • Search our applicant pools for qualified candidates
  • Recruitment outreach to our 11 county consortium and beyond
  • Distribute and collect job applications
  • Develop accurate and effective job descriptions
  • Provide successful interview questions
  • Schedule interviews
  • Participate on the interview panel
  • Provide interview facilities
  • Conduct employment verification
  • Facilitate pre-employment skills testing services – Office Proficiency, Assessment, and Certification (OPAC).

Hiring and Retention Tools

Accurate job descriptions and detailed employee handbooks are critical when it comes to finding and keeping the best people. We can help develop powerful HR tools. Listed below are a few standard Human Resource forms we can provide.

  • Reference Checklist
  • Hiring Checklist
  • Behavior Based Interviews
  • Employment Interview Checklist
  • How to Interview Effectively
  • Interview Rating Sheet

Contact us to receive any of the above forms or to request other information.

We can help your employees upgrade their skills or receive specific training to enhance their productivity and their paycheck. We offer a wide range of employee trainings including Customer Service, Communication, Front Line, HR Essentials, Team Building, Time Management, Supervisory Skills, Motivation and more.

 Management and Team Sessions

  • Leadership and Communication Essentials
  • Management Essentials
  • Hiring Essentials
  • Time Management and Organization Essentials
  • Communication Essentials

Human Resources Sessions

  •  “Getting Off to a Good Start!”
  • Retention and Morale
  • “Your Roadmap to Success”
  • Annual Labor Laws Update
  • “Minimize Workplace Injuries and Maximize your Bottom Line”
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Discipline, Documentation and Termination

Customer Service Sessions

  • FUNdamentals of Customer Service
  • Super Service Spectacular
  • Service Recovery:”CPR Training for Dealing with Difficult Guests”
  • Attitude and Motivation: “Your Most Priceless Possession or Your Worst Enemy!”

*Other Customized Training Topics Available on Request

Internet-Based Learning

We offer an extensive on-line catalog of classes for eligible job seekers and employees who want to improve their skills.

On The Job Training

The ‘On the Job Training’ (OJT) program provides workforce solutions for businesses by providing employers with a predetermined wage reimbursement for an employee in training.  Reimbursement of the trainee’s wage rate during the training period defrays training expenses and helps maintain productivity.
On the Job Trainings assist businesses in training and retaining skilled, productive workers.  OJTs may be used to help train newly hired employees or eligible current employees.

*Limitation and conditions apply.

Work Experience

A work experience arrangement allows you to share your knowledge with young adults who are eager to learn.

Contact us for additional training information.

trainer sm-tImprove productivity, increase profits and reduce liability with our professional training sessions!

Our Training Team has delivered dozens of sessions for small and large businesses in a variety of settings and formats.

We can bring the training to you at a fraction of the cost of expensive out-of-town seminars.

We can provide semi-monthly workshops offered at our centers, or customized trainings on-site for your staff.

Because we are a non-profit organization, we can save you thousands of dollars in training costs.

Job Fairs

Dozens of employers and hundreds of job seekers participate in these annual events filling staffing vacancies ranging from temporary/seasonal to full-time/skilled.

Usually scheduled in late spring, each Job Fair is customized to meet the needs of community employers.

Participating in the Job Fair nearest you can help you save time and money on your recruitment efforts.

We also host Customized Job Fairs and Hiring Events by request.

Contact us to learn more about our workshops and Job Fairs.

  • Are you a business owner putting an unplanned amount of money back into your business?
  • Is meeting your payroll or accounts payable difficult?
  • Are you low on inventory and customers?
  • Do you experience high employee turnover or employee-based lawsuits?
  • Are you lacking a business plan or a marketing plan?

We have training and workshops for employers and employees, an extensive business resource center, and we can make referrals to no-cost professional business counselors before things get to a crisis stage which may mean downsizing and/or business closure.

If layoffs or closures do become necessary, we have a "Rapid Response" team to help you plan effectively, comply with federal regulations, reduce stress, bolster employee morale, and help guide your dislocated workers towards practical, effective reemployment. We can provide documents such as a Sample Termination Letter or a Termination Checklist.

Contact us to receive any helpful resources.