FireMarch 2018 - Susanville, CA

Six Lassen Alliance Community Day School students participated in the bi-annual Discover Lassen Community College program on February 6, 2018. The group was chaperoned by staff from the school and from the Lassen office of Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc.

After spending the first 30 minutes in the college gym getting acquainted with Lassen College’s Career and Technical programs, the students ventured out to visit demonstrations of each of those programs. They began with Administrative of Justice where they were asked to participate in a crime scene investigation. They were given clues, had to mark evidence, sketch the crime scene and victim, interview persons reporting the crime, and attempt to analyze what happened. From there they visited Fire Science. Several students volunteered to don fire gear and practice putting out a fire. Once into the gear, Instructor Chris Baker taught them the P.A.S.S. method of using a fire extinguisher. School staff were then given home fire safety handouts to review with the students.

Next on the agenda, was Gunsmithing. Here students watched a demonstration of color case hardening of metal. Steel was baked for two hours at high temperature and then plunged into cold water to give the metal a rainbow watercolor effect. The presenter mentioned that the Gunsmithing program at Lassen College, which was started in 1945, is the oldest in the country. He also mentioned that many gunsmiths are retiring and jobs are opening up in the industry.

Next stop was the Agriculture Department. Students played a game similar to Jeopardy answering questions about animals and plants to win candy and prizes. Students then watched demonstrations of computerized laser metal cutting in the Welding department and toured the Automotive department where they saw a new state-of-the-art $20,000 diagnostic scanner. A quick walk moved the group to the college’s Child Development Center. There students spoke with instructors in three levels of child development based on the age of the child. They had an infant section, a toddler section, and a pre-school section. Each area had age-appropriate tactile play sections for the students to experience.

The group went on to a different building in the college which housed the Nursing and EMT/EMS programs. They watched phlebotomy and staple removing demonstrations by LVN students in the nursing lab. They participated with EMS/EMT students in immobilizing a patient. Some students experienced being the patient being immobilized.

The tour concluded with an exploration of the Graphic Design department. Students were able to try out programs where they could create designs and actually draw using a computer. A Graphics Design instructor and his students helped with questions regarding use of the programs.

All Lassen College Career and Technical departments did an excellent job actively engaging these at-risk students with relevant activities.