leadershipOctober, 2017 - Quincy, CA

When 23 year-old Gabriel Goni first entered the Business and Career Network (BCN) he had been unemployed for nearly 4 years and was in dire need of assistance obtaining gainful employment, as he was behind on rent and facing eviction. Despite bringing with him a decent resume and skilled background within the areas of mechanics and general maintenance, Gabriel had been unable to secure sustainable employment on his own, and was plagued by a revoked driver’s license, lack of transportation, justice system involvement, loss of selfconfidence, and depleted faith in his existing abilities. Gabriel wasn't certain as to what he might like to do for a career, or where to even begin looking for one; he became enrolled into the Youth Program.

Working closely with his Career Center Advisor (CCA), Gabriel completed various printed and online career assessments; exploring his professional self and researching relevant careers, based upon those findings. Client and CCA attended informational interviews and industrial tours at local welding shops and motor vehicle repair facilities, all the while working together to ready his resume, filling in employment gaps with the various odd jobs completed as side work that Gabriel had failed to include on paper.

Leadership, Continued After the storm and flooding damage of winter 2017, National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG) funds were awarded, allowing for the hiring of Temporary Maintenance Workers. It was concluded that Gabriel certainly met the eligibility criteria for co-enrollment into the project. Gabriel worked with his CCA on mock interview readiness training to build his confidence and prepare for an interview for consideration of placement on a crew. Gabriel did great and was the first candidate selected for a Temporary Maintenance Worker position. Within his first few weeks of employment Gabriel was promoted to the role of Lead.

Through this project, Gabriel is learning new skills including: project planning, meeting project deadlines within established time frames, estimating and ordering inventory, as well as developing leadership skills by coordinating a crew of seven workers, and ensuring they work together in completion of set goals. Participating in this project is helping to reintroduce Gabriel to the workforce and teaching him new while refining his existing skills. It is also helping to rebuild confidence within himself and his abilities via tangible project progress, all contributing toward his future employability and success.