staffOctober, 2017 - Oroville, CA

The Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc., is always supporting its staff with trainings to service our program participants better. On September 27, 2017, staff met for an annual meeting/training at the Oroville office. Staff engaged in interactive team-building activities covering information regarding target sectors and occupations and career paths, the effects on our participants who are coming from a poverty culture, engaging our audience with our presentations skills, and building a professional resume.

What made the meeting engaging and enjoyable was the wonderful presentations given by some of the staff members. Jill Ghirardelli, CCA and Lisa Scott, CCA did an insightful presentation titled, ‘Bridges Out of Poverty’, which focused on the poverty culture and helping those who have been a part of this culture transition their lives and work history. Mark Alvidrez, CCA, gave a presentation on ‘Presentation Tips’. With the implementation of the 21st Century curriculum, Mark’s presentation encouraged staff to think outside the box in preparing materials, engaging audiences, and staying open to the flow of information. Sandy Wangberg, CCA, provided a presentation on ‘Professional Resumes’. This presentation was a great way to offer something more to our clients who want to facilitate the use of technology in locating a job position and showcasing a resume.

The afternoon session of our agenda included guest speakers from the Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information Division. Ignacio Magana, EDD Wagner Peyser Employment Services, Michael McDonald, EDD Veteran Services, and Luis Alejo, EDD Labor Market Division helped to demystify contact information, the latest research information, and reviewed what EDD Veteran services can do for participants and job searcher.