The Opportunity:
AFWD has partnered with public and nonprofit organizations around the north state to fulfill short-term job opportunities in response to COVID-19.

Who Is Eligible:
California residents who are unemployed or have reduced work hours due to COVID-19 restrictions, as well as those who have been unemployed for 15 of the past 26 weeks may be eligible. Not sure you qualify? Reach out either by phone or chat feature (see information below).

Job Details:
All positions offer a competitive wage and opportunity for skill-building. This is also a way for individuals to help their communities respond to the ongoing pandemic. As temporary jobs directly related to COVID-19 relief, most will last approximately 10 weeks long.

Example opportunities include:
Meal delivery
Shelter and homelessness advocacy
Warehouse supply chain
Landfill operations

How to Apply:
The fastest way to get started is with a call to your local AWFD branch (see the numbers below) and ask to be added to the COVID-19 temporary positions list. Alternatively, reach out directly through our website with the green chat feature at the bottom right of each page.

More Information: