Job Title:                Business Service Representative

FSLA Job Status:  Exempt

Location:               Nevada County

Supervisor:            Business Service Manager

Starting Salary:      $49,920-$60,678 plus applicable benefits

Category:               Regular, Full Time  

Closing Date:         4:00 pm April 26, 2019

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Application requirements and procedures:

  1. Complete AFWD’s employment application
  2. Attach resume with no less than three professional references and phone numbers 
  1. Scope and Range of Responsibility: Under the direction of the AFWD Business Service Manager, the Business Service Representative will function as a “human resource generalist”.    As an external consultant, the incumbent will be a direct liaison with businesses in AFWD’s service area and provide a full range of business services.  Business services provided by the representative may be on a fee-for-service basis or as part of core services provided to employers.  As AFWD’s direct liaison with businesses, the Business Service Representative enables AFWD to meet Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) contract requirements to provide “business services”.  The position requires extensive outside the office liaison with employers, travel within the assigned County and/or travel throughout AFWD’s six-county service area, and beyond.
  2. Organizational Structure: The immediate supervisor is the Department Manager, who is responsible to the Assistant Director. The Business Service Representative coordinates activities with members of the AFWD Business Team, and staff assigned to the job seeker services. 
  3. Mission of the Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc: AFWD is a regional nonprofit providing workforce development and human resource services; dedicated to enhancing the quality of life throughout our communities, by assisting businesses, organizations and job seekers with their pathways to success.
  4. Position Responsibilities and Duties: Position responsibilities are rated as part of the employee’s competency-based performance appraisal. Within the parameters established by the Supervisor, and approved policies and procedures, the Business Service Representative is assigned the following position responsibilities and duties: (Note:  Bold portion is direct contract requirement contained in the AFWD/NoRTEC WIOA Contract)
    1. Provide Human Resource Support and solutions for area businesses, including services to facilitate Business Startups, Business Expansion, and Business Retention. Additionally, provide rapid response Layoff Assistance and Employee Recruitment services
      1. Provide consultation to clients to develop personnel policies and job descriptions.
      2. Provide labor law information in a general manner, while referring clients to expert professional legal advice when applicable, (i.e. provide labor law information, but not “legal” advice).
      3. Assist clients with customized recruitments, including job postings / advertisements, job fairs, and interviewing.
      4. .
      5. Assist business startups and expansion clients with accessing loan sources and information regarding tax incentives, marketing, location analysis, and Federal/State I.D. numbers.
      6. To foster business retention and minimize business closures, strive to provide services to achieve a stable and prosperous business community, including specific services to minimize lay-offs and keep business from closing and leaving the area.
      7. In the event of a lay-off, provide rapid response assistance, including orientation to America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) services, needs surveys, and job seeker services to impacted employees. In addition, provide the employer with information to assist with planning and compliance with lawful termination requirements.
      8. Coordinate to the extent workable with partnering organizations, (e.g. EDD, SBDC, economic development, colleges, etc.), to provide business consultation services. Encourage partner participation to meet business clients’ needs.
      9. Other duties as assigned.
    2. Provide Business Information Exchange, Employee Training and Public Policy information.
      1. Facilitate and/or directly provide group presentations and training, including workshops, seminars, town meetings, and/or economic summits.
      2. Provide one-on-one consultation to business clients, including access to resource libraries.
      3. Assist business clients with access to local, State and/or Federal public policy information.
      4. To the extent financially feasible, and as coordinated with Job Seeker Programs, provide new hires and incumbent workers with skills upgrade training opportunities, on-the-job training, classroom training, customized training, and internet-based training.
      5. Coordinate to the extent workable with partnering organizations, (e.g. EDD, SBDC, economic development, colleges, etc.), to provide business consultation services. Encourage partner participation to meet business clients’ needs.
      6. Other duties as assigned.
    3. Exhibit strong communication skills necessary to provide human resource solutions and build a loyal client base.
      1. Be a direct liaison with area businesses and display the ability to translate the client’s business plan and goals into human resource capabilities needed to achieve results.
      2. Consult effectively and independently with clients, including all levels within the client’s organization.
      3. Handle complex questions and concerns for clients.
      4. Display exceptionally strong communication skills, both oral and written, to provide final products to the business client.
      5. Proactively promote AFWD’s business services and seek new business clients by outside sales activities and attending community, business and chamber of commerce functions to liaison with employers.
      6. Maintain comprehensive client files to track and document services, as well as entering client service information in computer tracking systems.
      7. Other duties as assigned.
      8. Actively participate on teams and work collaboratively to meet objectives and solve problems.
      9. Provide leadership and work collaboratively on AFWD’s multi-functional Business First Team and other cross-functional task forces.
      10. Coordinate effectively and independently with job seeker program staff, AJCC staff and representatives of partner organizations.
      11. Provide support as requested by AFWD’s Management- level staff to facilitate AJCC objectives. In the event of conflicting support requirements, notify your supervisor to assist with setting priorities.
      12. Other duties as assigned.
  5. Essential Functions
    1. Exercise good judgment in analyzing and solving problems.
    2. Maintain a high level of confidentiality.
    3. Must be able to meet deadlines and produce accurate work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.
    4. Ability to use a personal computer, including word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics software.
    5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to facilitate and/or instruct in a group-paced setting.
    6. Must be able to work in a participative team setting and have strong facilitation skills.
    7. Strong organizational skills, the ability to prioritize tasks and a professional demeanor are all essential.
    8. Must maintain a professional appearance, as compared to executive level employees in both the public and private sector.
    9. Travel, with little or no notice. Travel overnight, with notice.
    10. Operate a motor vehicle, or arrange transportation to accomplish duties.
    11. Lift 25 lbs., to waist height, turning, twisting and transporting same.
    12. Maintain good attendance and punctuality.
  6. Minimum Qualifications
    1. High School Diploma, AA/AS Degree and attainment of the SHRM Essentials of Human Resource Management Certificate within 6 months of start date.
    2. Minimum of two years business development, recruitment or sales experience.
    3. Work is normally performed at least 50% out of the office, (i.e. at the client’s business site). Travel within the County and throughout AFWD’s multi-county service area is required.  Overnight travel may be required.  Must be able to travel and operate a motor vehicle or arrange for travel to perform duties.  Must possess a valid California Driver’s License and have a good driving record.
  7. Other Position Requirements: Must provide proof of automobile insurance which satisfies California Law, agree to a background check required to work with youth, and provide “right to work” documentation upon appointment. Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


I have read the above position description and understand my responsibilities.  I also understand that the Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc. is an “at will” employer.  Therefore, any employee may resign at any time, just as the corporation may terminate the employment relationship with any employee at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice to the other party.  AFWD does not have contracts for employment and does not have a progressive disciplinary policy.