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Whether you need help finding a job, finishing high school, or getting more training, we’re here to help you.
We have advisors ready to guide you to the next step, including figuring out what the next step is.
Adulting can be confusing and hard. Let us help.

Chat now with a Career Center Advisor, send us a message using the form below, or just call us at: (530) 961-5125.

“…my case manager pushed me to get stuff done and without that, I don’t think I would have. I would not have been able to get my GED or Forklift Certificate because I didn’t have the money to pay for it. This program gave me the encouragement I needed and helped me build my self-confidence.”
“I was at the lowest point in my life, when AFWD took a chance on me. They helped me put my life on a healthier, more productive path. I am so grateful that they give people the chance to improve their circumstances. Give them a chance and see how AFWD can help you up!”
“This program has helped me meet probation requirements AND helped me get a job AND made me feel good about myself. It’s different because I chose it – not another thing that someone made me do.”

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Resources & Services

Youth Services Include

Are You Out of School?

Are you a high school dropout? Do you want to earn your High School Equivalency Diploma? The Youth One Stop provides assistance with signing up for HSE classes to help you attain your degree and career goals.

Are you interested in completing a training program or finding a job? We can help! Our Individual Training Awards will help you achieve a certificate in a high-demand field. Work Experience Opportunities will give you the experience you need, to land the job you want.

Work Experience Opportunities- to quickly get the tools you need to start earning money!

Still In School?

You’re so close to getting your high school diploma! Now what? If you need help deciding what to do next and you want to know how to achieve your next goal, Youth One Stop will help you examine your options. You will explore various careers and industries, discover educational opportunities, and gain work-related experience.

Want a part-time job, now, while you are still in high school? We can help! Our staff will guide you through the job search, application, and interview process to help you find a job, now!

Veteran Services

One of our priorities is to provide high-quality, comprehensive career, and employment services exclusively to veterans. Many of our team members are veterans themselves and we are uniquely qualified to assist you in the transition from the military to the civilian workplace, to prepare you for the job search, assist with vocational training opportunities and provide the support you need to advance in your career.

We can help you with:

One-on-One Career Coaching

  • Workshops including Resume, Interview Skills, LinkedIn and more
  • Educational and Vocational Training Opportunities
  • On-the-Job Training Opportunities
  • Access to computers, internet, phone, fax, and copier Direct referrals to our on-site partners, offering a full range of services to veterans and their families

When scheduling an appointment, please have your current photo ID, Social Security number/Right to Work documents, and your DD214/Proof of Service Letter.